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Millennials don’t just tweet, they also buy houses | Advice for Texas REALTORS® | Texas Association of REALTORS

Is your site RESPONSIVE (mobile friendly)?  Are you tweeting your listings?  Time to get with the program. If you want to reach the largest group of prospective first-time homebuyers, your website better be mobile-friendly. Consumers born between 1980 and 1995—also known as Millennials or Generation Y—are entering the peak period

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How Google Authorship Makes Realtors Experts in 10 Minutes | The Real Estate Trainer

REALTOR FRIENDS… Check this out! The implementation of Google Authorship can dramatically enhance a real estate professional’s search engine optimization (SEO) in terms of influence, expert authority, visibility, clicks and conversions.  In the following video, real estate technology trainer Chad Hyams explains why and how agents should

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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Jump-Starting a New Facebook Page

Click the link at the bottom of this post to see the full article and details. This is a great guideline for setting up fan pages on Facebook! Starting a Facebook page ain’t easy. In fact, it can be a huge pain in the rump! Our goal

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