Facebook has restored the cross-posted tweets that were removed from users’ profiles

Facebook says it has corrected the issue of users’ deleted posts, which had affected those who had previously cross-posted their Tweets to their Facebook profile – a feature that’s no longer supported. Earlier this month, Facebook locked down its API to prevent third-party apps from being able

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Facebook Watch is launching worldwide

Facebook Watch, the social network’s home to original video content and answer to YouTube, is now becoming available worldwide. The Watch tab had first launched last August, only in the U.S., and now touts over 50 million monthly viewers who watch at least a minute of video

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10 Ways to Maximize Your Time at the Next Cannabis Conference

Know what you want to get out of a conference, and follow up with every person who asked you to stay in touch. Source: Entreprneur 10 Ways to Maximize Your Time at the Next Cannabis Conference

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How to Research Buyer Personas for More Successful Marketing Campaigns

How to Research Buyer Personas for More Successful Marketing Campaigns

Do you market to multiple buyer personas? Wondering how to be sure you’re marketing to each audience segment in the right way? In this article, you’ll learn how to research buyer personas to reveal preferences and behaviors that will help you deliver successful, targeted social media campaigns.

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Twitter’s deletion of its Facebook app caused old cross-posts to temporarily disappear

(Update: Axios has a post explaining why the cross-posted tweets disappeared. Essentially, Twitter deleted its app from Facebook after Facebook stopped allowing cross-posts earlier this month, since without that feature it was basically useless. This unexpectedly caused old posts to disappear. TechCrunch also heard from a source with

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You can now apply to get a verified badge on Instagram — here’s how

Instagram is at last quenching the thirst of its thirsty, thirsty unverified users. The company just introduced a trio of new features designed to make Instagram a generally safer and more authentic place to hang out (third-party 2FA — enable it!) and for the first time the

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Yes, Slack is having connectivity issues again (Update: It’s back)

No, it’s not just you. Yes, Slack is having connectivity issues yet again. Though this time, they seem a bit less pronounced. I know we’re having some problems off and on, with different channels appearing offline. For the most part, however, communication is still up, so you

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Instagram announces verification requests, transparency tools and stronger 2FA

Instagram has introduced a wide-ranging set of new tools today with security and transparency in mind. In a blog post titled “New Tools to Keep Instagram Safe,” the company is announcing three significant updates: an “About This Account” section to provide users more context about accounts with

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Facebook expands its Express Wi-Fi program for developing markets via hardware partnerships

Facebook is today launching a partner program for its Express Wi-Fi initiative, which helps bring higher-speed connections to developing markets, including India, Indonesia, Kenya, Nigeria, and Tanzania. The program itself involves having local business owners install Wi-Fi hotspots, where internet service is provided by local ISPs, mobile

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