More than a quarter of Americans say they would not buy an electric vehicle, according to a Consumer Reports survey released Thursday.

Price, range and access to charging stations have remained as primary barriers to buying an EV. But Consumer Reports has identified a new factor: a lack of education around EVs.

The survey of 8,027 adults found that 14% would definitely buy or lease an electric-only vehicle, 57% would consider one, and 28% would not consider getting an electric-only vehicle. Age, income and education levels correlated with willingness to drive one.

A lack of education around available tax incentives, environmental impact, and how an EV works is a significant factor in EV adoption, according to the survey. Nearly half of Americans (46%) have not heard about any incentives available for EV owners.

“Some of us have questions about the transition to electric vehicles, as many of us are unfamiliar with them,” said Dr. Quinta Warren, associate director of sustainability policy for Consumer Reports. “Expanding charging options and elevating incentives, combined with education campaigns and getting more people to experience EVs personally, can all help drive adoption.”

Asked about the top three concerns over buying or leasing an EV, 61% of respondents said they were concerned with charging logistics, 55% said they would worry about the number of miles the vehicle can go before it needs to be charged and 52% cited the costs involved with buying, owning, and maintaining an EV.

Source: Tech Crunch Social
28% of Americans still won’t consider buying an EV

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