Yesterday on my Facebook fan page, I posted the opt-out instructions for the new Gmail/Google+ feature that allows the entire world of Google+ to email anyone with a gmail address. The setting is wide open for everyone by default.  Have you noticed an increase of random people adding you? Coincidental? Probably not. They are probably making preparations to spam you, thinking you don’t know how to block them.  Now you do! This article from InformationWeek’s Kristin Burnham covers that, plus some other settings updates you might be interested in to keep your Google experience a little cleaner and streamlined.

Google caused a stir this week when it announced a controversial change that lets those with Gmail and Google+ accounts email anyone who also has both accounts — even if the sender doesnt know the recipients email address. Unless you opt out, this means you can start receiving messages from strangers who follow you on Google+.

Though Googles bold move has surprised many, its not the first setting — or the only one — for which Google signs you up automatically. Heres how to opt out of Googles latest change, plus four more settings to check.

via 5 Google Opt-Out Settings To Check – InformationWeek.

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