I spend a good amount of time online with my work, and right in step with the article below, I almost always do research on people I am thinking about doing business with. If their online presence is lame, negative, or missing all together, it’s highly unlikely there will be a future with said person. This also goes with personal relationships – so if you’re a single person looking to connect with a potential date, be ready to be researched.

I have disconnected from a number of people in the past because of their online presence, or lack of it – and as a result they have lost a client, potential business partner, or a potential date. There is the rare case where I might do business with someone in spite of how they appear online… but it’s getting rarer. And personally? If you won’t friend me on Facebook, or claim that you’re not even on Facebook (or LinkedIn), you’re pretty much toast.

And P.S. – if any of the things in this article aren’t up to snuff for you, I can probably help you with it.

Back in the old days, when the primary form of networking was face to face, there were simple, universal standards that people used to judge you. Now, in the age of online networking, there is another set of rules, and not being aware of them can close you off from valuable opportunities.

via 5 Online Faux Pas That Will Doom Your Networking Potential | Entrepreneur.com.

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