Hi, I’m Carolyn Clark. 
Just in case you don’t know me at all, I’ll give you a little information here.


I have a solid 10+ years’ experience in graphic art, social media and web development.

I have an incredibly varied career path, including athletic gear manufacturing, medical supplies, owning a tanning salon, and working for an internet provider, but have found a home for my tech, social media and graphic arts skills in Real Estate.

Artistic traits run deep in my family over several generations.  A combination of my love of technology and creativity led me into graphic design and web development in the early 2000s.

A passion for networking and making great business connections led me into being a B2B Networking Event Coordinator, something I still love to do after over 10 years.

My best traits are:


I have a solid history of becoming my client/employer’s best advocate and cheerleader. When the vision is positive and honest, I am totally on board and will be your number one fan.


I will safeguard your money, your reputation, and your brand. Shady characters and practices are nowhere in my circle.


I was born with an independent streak. Once I learn what needs to be done, I will do it without the need for supervision.


A frugal nature compels me to find ways to get things done faster and at a lower cost. I love to streamline and find ways to make things less expensive and less complicated without losing quality – and in some cases, improving it quite a bit! I am very mindful of the bottom line.


Independence and Resourcefulness combined over many years equals grit. There is something in my soul that does not allow me to quit trying for the best and making improvements. Setbacks may happen, but grit makes me keep moving forward toward the goal.


That’s the short version! I hope you enjoy my site. Check out the blog for my favorite articles and musings (that rarely have anything to do with the mortgage/real estate business), check out my current projects, and drop me a line if I can help you with anything Real Estate, web, graphic design, or social media related.