Adobe is launching an update to its Spark social media design tool today that will bring more than 20,000 new design assets to the service. This update, which follows the launch of animations in Spark in September, also brings a small UI change with it to accommodate this new feature, but for the most part, you can think of design assets as an extension to what a lot of users were already doing with icons in Spark.

Image Credits: Adobe

“For our users, who are everyday entrepreneurs and marketers, they want to create professional-looking content — and they certainly don’t have design experience,” Adobe Spark product manager Justin Church told me. “The rollout of these tens of thousands of new design assets that we’re coming up with will really empower them to create standout social posts and things like Instagram stories that are more original and creative than they’ve ever been able to so far.”

As Church noted, a lot of users opt for working with Spark’s templates to get started, but there’s also a large set of users who start from scratch and they will especially benefit from the ability to quickly pull in frames, illustrations, brushes and more.

Image Credits: Adobe

Adobe has a large in-house content design team that designed some of its own assets and curated others from outside resources. Those assets were all tagged, to make them discoverable, which now makes it easy to find them in Spark’s search feature. As of now, these results are not personalized yet — or set to match with what’s already in your current design — but the team is exploring how to use AI to help users find the right assets for their specific designs.

Unsurprisingly, given the broad range of users, Adobe opted for a very broad range of assets (and styles) with which to start. The plan is to expand this set of assets over time, of course, and the team will look closely at which categories are popular, but the company also plans to release new assets in time for specific holidays and around special events.

Update: shortly after announcing the new feature, Adobe got back to us with an updated number of total assets. That number has now doubled from over 10,000 to over 20,000. We’ve updated the post accordingly.

Source: Tech Crunch Social
Adobe brings over 20,000 design assets to Spark

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