Adobe announced today that it’s introducing a new suite of Creative Cloud Express capabilities to make it easier to plan, schedule, preview and publish social media content across platforms. The company is launching “Content Scheduler” within Creative Cloud Express, which builds on its acquisition of ContentCal in December, as Adobe has integrated ContentCal into Creative Cloud Express.

Users can now make and plan their social media themes and campaigns through tools that help finalize their content. They can then see and manage their social cadence through a single drag-and-drop calendar. From there, users can schedule their content to ensure that it reaches their audiences at the best possible time.

Before the content goes live, users can use preview mode for scheduled posts to see what their followers will see. Users can also save time by publishing their posts across Instagram, Twitter and Facebook from one place.

“Creative Cloud Express is deeply invested in helping people thrive in the Creator Economy, where it’s easier than ever for anyone to build an audience and monetize their content, products and services,” Ian Wang, the senior director and head of product at Adobe Creative Cloud Express, said in a blog post. “Building a successful social media presence with content that resonates and stands out with audiences is critical.”

Adobe creative cloud express

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Content Scheduler is now available through the Adobe Express premium plan. Individual premium plan users can publish an unlimited number of posts through a single calendar. Users can connect up to three social profiles per plan by linking their accounts to their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter profiles. The new Creative Cloud Express capabilities are only available on the Express web app.

The company says it plans to launch support for more social platforms, enhance performance insights and also bring these capabilities to mobile in the future.

Adobe launched Creative Cloud Express last December to replace Adobe Spark. The platform uses a template-first approach with built-in access to stock images and other assets and is meant to be far more accessible than the individual Creative Cloud apps. The app comes in both a free version and a paid $9.99/month edition with additional capabilities and a library of more complex templates. Besides the web app, a free app is also available in Apple’s app store, Google Play and the Microsoft Store.

Source: Tech Crunch Social
Adobe rolls out new Creative Cloud Express features for planning and publishing social media posts

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