10 Creative Social Media Resumes To Learn From

Job hunting? Make the best of your social media accounts! Like flowers in early spring, new social media job openings are sprouting across industries as companies of all sizes look to create or expand their social squads. The undeniable success and innovation of high-profile social media campaigns

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How to avoid trouble at work by being social media savvy | New York Post

Ya gotta check yourself! There’s no doubt social media can make a number of work tasks infinitely easier. But it can also be a land mine of potential snafus that at best cause professional embarrassment — and, at worst, cost you your job. via How to avoid

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Do I Need To Be On Google Plus? | Polka Dot Impressions

I will be advising my clients (and hopefully taking my own advice!) to be more active and present on Google+. We have work to do, friends.  😉 When I have been asked that question recently, I realize that I am bigger fan of Google+ than I think

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Social Media: The Free Beginner’s Guide from Moz

Ah, finally a great source for all the folks I talk to that “don’t know where to start!”  This is a very basic how-to that covers all the big channels and how to best utilize them in marketing yourself or your business. Thanks MOZ! Welcome to The

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21 Steps to Create an Awesome LinkedIn Profile – Jeffbullas’s Blog

This is a great infographic covering LinkedIn profiles. Don’t neglect you profile – it may be the only thing that potential clients or employers judge you on… I may need to do some updating on my own pretty soon! 🙂   http://www.jeffbullas.com/2014/01/21/h21-steps-to-create-an-awesome-linkedin-profile/

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5 Google Opt-Out Settings To Check – InformationWeek

Yesterday on my Facebook fan page, I posted the opt-out instructions for the new Gmail/Google+ feature that allows the entire world of Google+ to email anyone with a gmail address. The setting is wide open for everyone by default.  Have you noticed an increase of random people

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5 Online Faux Pas That Will Doom Your Networking Potential | Entrepreneur.com

I spend a good amount of time online with my work, and right in step with the article below, I almost always do research on people I am thinking about doing business with. If their online presence is lame, negative, or missing all together, it’s highly unlikely

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Social media predictions for 2014

Many thanks to Mari Smith for sharing these links on what’s ahead in Social Media.  It will be a very interesting year. 1. Twelve Social Media Predictions for 2014– HuffingtonPost.com Excellent write up here by my friend Penny Sansevieri — I love the “Numbers Don’t Matter” one. Indeed,

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3 Ways Responsive Design Can Benefit Your Blog | Social Media Examiner

Some of my recent blog/website work has revealed to me how unbelievably important it is to have mobile-friendly sites. Recent tracking on my latest project shows that more than half of the visits received were from phones and tablets. While this is not surprising, I can honestly

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The Weekly Spread: Pinterest Monday, Unfollow Buttons, Ridiculous Passwords, and Anomo | SocialToaster

Love me some Social Toaster. We’ve gathered the most relevant, noteworthy, interesting (and sometimes ridiculous) social media stories and tips of the week to keep you in the loop. Here’s what you missed: via The Weekly Spread: Pinterest Monday, Unfollow Buttons, Ridiculous Passwords, and Anomo | SocialToaster.

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