17 Experts Tips On Dealing with The Latest Facebook Algorithm Changes

As many of you know, Facebook announced a major change last year that will give promotional organic posts less visibility, starting in January of 2015. Well, it’s already 2015. So what should do marketers do other than panic? We decided to ask 17 Facebook marketing experts to

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9 Blogging Tools Every Blogger Should Be Using | Social Media Examiner

Ok Bloggers – this one is for you! Are you using any of these nifty tools? Are you looking for blogging tools that can enhance your blog, help with your marketing and help you focus?We asked top bloggers to share their favorite tools.In this article you’ll find

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Making Just Enough Time for Social Media – I Teach Blogging

Social media can be overwhelming. All the tools are fairly new, and the art and science of using them when you’re already busy can just feel like a chore. But, integrate them into your daily working plan by only a few minutes a day, and this consistency

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7 Big Tips for a Successful Brand Launch in Social Media – Mortgage Industry Blog

This is geared toward my mortgage friends, but still good things to keep in mind for any business launching on social media. In 2002, social media was considered a fad. In 2009 it was cutting edge and what all businesses were doing to get ahead of competitors.

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3 New WordPress Plugins for Scoring More Shares, Subscribers, and Superfans

3 New WordPress Plugins for Scoring More Shares, Subscribers, and Superfans Published on June 17, 2014 by guest author Noah Kagan Since 1953, the superspy James Bond has traveled the world foiling clever plots and outwitting dozens of worthy adversaries. But while Bond is a one-person army,

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8 Must-Have Ingredients of a Successful Blog Post | Entrepreneur.com

When it comes to marketing online, you’ve probably already heard that “content marketing” is one of the best ways to spread the world about your site and position yourself as an industry expert. But content marketing is not the same as churning out blog posts day after

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53+ Free Image Sources For Your Blog and Social Media Posts

Check out this great post with a HUGE list of where you can get all kinds of visual content, without having to worry about those pesky lawsuits. Here on the Buffer blog, we think a lot about visual content. We’ve shared our own study on the importance

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The Social Media Marketing Secrets of Smart Savvy Bloggers – Jeffbullas’s Blog

The success of a blog can be judged on different aspects, but engagement will be a dominant factor in achieving the desired outcome. Using social media marketing to promote your blog can be highly effective, and your ‘followers’ or ‘likes’ should be considered as important metrics. However,

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50+ Tools for Content Curation and Content Marketing

I am what you might call a curator.  Great tools listed here – I hope I get a chance to try some of them. #48, Feedly, is one of my favorites right now.  🙂 Content curation and content marketing are hot terms today. Curation involves weeding through

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