rulesThis is a direct quote from a recent mortgage industry teaching presentation in San Antonio.

You should be aware that  more and more personal timelines are being shut down because commercial postings outweigh the private postings.  This means that any page or timeline tied to that email address is also shut down.

You need to STOP using your personal page for business. Start a fan page, or run a serious risk of getting DELETED by Facebook.

I’m not entirely sure how strict Facebook will be on this particular policy, but what a shame it would be for all of that work you’ve been doing to just disappear! I lagged way behind on getting a fan page myself – and I used to post a TON of business-related stuff, and you can be sure there will be MUCH less promoting happening on my personal page. Even less than now.

Don’t risk losing your personal page.  Start your fan page now, and if you need help with it, holla!  🙂

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