Instagram is rolling out enhanced tags to make it easier for creators to receive credit for their work. The company says the enhanced tags allow users to share and view a creator’s specific contribution to a photo or video post. The creator’s self-designated profile category specifying their role will be displayed within the tag. With these new tags, creators will be able to tag other creatives within their posts as a way to give them more exposure for their work.

To use the new enhanced tags, you need to tap “Tag People” when creating a post. From there, you’ll need to tap on “Add Tag” and search and select your contributors. Then you can select “Show Profile Category” to display the creator category, such as “stylist” or “photographer.”

“Proper creative credit and recognition is a starting point for discovery, new opportunities and economic empowerment,” Instagram said in a blog post about the announcement. “For many Black and underrepresented creators, crediting is an entryway to building a sustainable career as a creator, while combating cultural appropriation and ensuring the world knows who is driving culture. Simply put — if you’re a makeup artist, songwriter or another significant collaborator on a post, your contributions will be more visible in the post.”

The introduction of the new tags follows content strikes by Black creators who say they don’t receive credit for their work online. In its blog post about the new tags, Instagram acknowledges that proper crediting is “especially crucial for marginalized and underrepresented creators and collaborators whose contributions are often behind the scenes.” Instagram seems to be addressing these concerns through the new tags and is hoping they’ll ensure more creators receive credit for their work.

The launch of the tags came the same day that Instagram confirmed it’s pulled two more of its older apps from the app stores. This includes its timelapse video app Hyperlapse, which first launched in 2014, and looping video app Boomerang, which launched in 2015. It’s not surprising to see Instagram shut down these apps. Both were originally intended as a way to give Instagram users new creative tools without overflowing Instagram’s flagship app. But the company’s concerns about over-stuffing its main app with too many features have long since passed, as Instagram currently offers numerous tools and features, including short-form video Reels, online shopping, live video and more.

The removal of the apps came a few days after Instagram ended support for its standalone app for IGTV, saying that it will now focus on having all video on its main app and that it will continue to simplify and improve video in the main Instagram app over the coming months.

Source: Tech Crunch Social
Instagram adds new tags to help ensure Black and underrepresented creators receive credit for their work

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