Instagram is testing a new feature that will make it easier for users to discover and support social causes directly through hashtags, the company announced on Monday. Now, when you search for specific hashtags associated with certain social movements, you’ll have the option to support them through new options.

Once you get get to a hashtag page, you can select “Support” to learn more about the movement. There’s also a “Spread the Word” button that lets you share the hashtag page with your friends via a DM. The company says the new feature will also make it easier to raise awareness for these causes through a “Create a Fundraiser” button that can used to start raising money on behalf of a cause.

“Today, we’re beginning to test a new feature that helps people find and support social movements on Instagram,” the company said in a blog post about the announcement. “Hashtags have long been a place where people discover new causes to support on Instagram, and now when you search for specific hashtags associated with certain movements, you’ll have the option to support them. People often come to Instagram to make their voices heard, elevate causes and bring communities together. They’re eager to support causes they hear about on Instagram and are always looking for new ways to take action — these updates will make it easier to do so.”

The company is rolling out the new feature to select hashtags focused on popular movements on Instagram, including #BlackLivesMatter, #womensrights and #climatecrisis. Instagram says it consulted with several organizations, including the NAACP, GLAAD, AAJC, Hispanic Heritage Foundation and Illuminative to select the initial list of hashtags. Instagram plans to continue to work with organizations to enhance the feature.

Source: Tech Crunch Social
Instagram’s latest test makes it easier to support social movements through hashtags

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