Good morning from the West Coast! Today is TechCrunch: Early Stage, which means that I should be doing last-minute prep for my sessions. But instead, we’re going to talk about Elon Musk, who made an unsolicited bid for Twitter that is naturally taking the technology and business media by storm.

Our own Romain Dillet has TechCrunch’s first notes on the matter if you want a newsy overview. Twitter has responded, I should note, by saying that it will examine the offer.

What I want to know, and somewhat quickly, is whether the price being offered makes any damn sense. So let’s find out. We’ll need to know how quickly Twitter is growing, the strength of its user base expansion and how it has recently traded. We’ll also factor in Twitter’s current efforts to bolster shareholder value.

Musk is offering $54.20 per share for 100% of Twitter, a deal worth $43.4 billion. Too low? Let’s find out.

How is Twitter doing?

It might surprise you, but pretty well.

Source: Tech Crunch Social
Is Elon Musk undervaluing Twitter in his unsolicited bid?

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