Tesla vehicles just got a bit more expensive to get into, with price increases ranging from $2,500 for the Model 3 Long Range, to $6,000 for the Dual Motor AWD Model X, as first reported by Electrek. Some of the already more expensive trim levels remained the same price as before, but ever vehicle in Tesla’s lineup was affected.

The Model Y got a $3,000 bump on its Dual Motor AWD version, and a $2,000 increase on the Performance model, while the Model S saw a $5,000 increase on the Dual Motor AWD variant. Both the Model S and the Model X already saw their pricing jump earlier this year, so new buyers could be facing significant potential sticker shock.

Tesla has called out supply chain issues in its most recent earnings call, noting they could result in factories running at under max output capacity. That, combined with rising inflation, could be a key contributor to the price hikes, which will help control demand and compensate for rising costs.

Source: Tech Crunch Social
Tesla bumps prices across its lineup by between ,500 and ,000

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