Twitter has announced that it’s expanding access to its “Professional Accounts” profile setting to all users globally. Up until now, users have had to apply to convert their account into a professional one. Now, everyone on the platform can opt into a professional account directly from their account settings.

A professional account, which Twitter refers to as “Twitter for Professionals,” gives brands and creators access to additional tools to distinguish their profile, quickly promote content through ads and capitalize on Twitter’s future e-commerce efforts, including its “Shop Module” that offers brands, businesses and other retailers the ability to showcase their products to Twitter users directly on the business’ profile.

Users can find a Twitter for Professionals tab by swiping open the sidebar from the Home timeline on the app. A “Switch to Professional” tab will also appear under profile settings.

Once you select the professional account setting, you’re asked to pick a category to display on your profile that best describes your account, such as automotive, apparel/clothing, advertising/marketing and beauty. Twitter will then ask you to select an account type. There are two options: business or creator. Twitter notes that the business account is best suited for brands, retail shops, service providers and organizations, whereas the creator account is aimed toward public figures, artists and influencers. You also can toggle between the two account settings if you change your mind.

Once you’ve converted to a professional account, you will be prompted to follow topics, promote a tweet in an ad campaign or customize your profile with modules that your account qualifies for. These include an about module, a shop module and a newsletter module for users on Revue, the newsletter service Twitter acquired last year.

If you decide that you no longer want a professional account, you can switch back to a personal one by going into your settings and navigating to the “Edit Professional Profile” option and selecting “Switch Account Type.”

Twitter classifies anyone who uses Twitter for work as a professional. To qualify for a professional account, users must have no repeated history of violating guidelines, and they must be authentic, with an account name, bio and profile picture. Parody and fan accounts are not eligible for professional accounts.

Source: Tech Crunch Social
Twitter’s ‘Professional Accounts’ profile setting is now available to all users

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