Afton Negra gives great tips on increasing Facebook engagement organically.

1. Encourage engagement and sharing

Many companies use their Facebook page as a soapbox for their news and promotions, but by taking the time to engage with others, you’ll have the opportunity to build valuable relationships. These relationships will help develop your network, increase positive brand sentiment, and increase brand advocates who will revisit your page and content again and again. Consider engaging with other people or brands, either on your page, on a Facebook page belonging to someone else, on a website, or even offline.
2. Analyze and understand the clicks

There’s a reason why people are liking, commenting and sharing some of your content, but if you’re not paying attention to these insights, you may be missing out on a wealth of information. Revisit your insights on a weekly basis to see how your posts performed the week before. Build upon the posts that did well and give your audience what they really want.
3. Increase post frequency

I often see brands that are just starting out on Facebook that don’t really understand how much they should be posting. I usually recommend starting with 2-3 posts per day, then slowly increasing the post frequency, always keeping an eye on your unlikes. If you’re noticing a lot of unlikes, you may be posting too much. But posting less frequently could have its consequences, too. If you’re not posting on a regular basis, you’ll have less of an opportunity to show in a user’s timeline, and less opportunity for you to increase your reach.
4. Test different times of the day

Many brands forget that Facebook provides incredible insight about when your audience is online. Consider this – if you’ve hired someone in Australia to post content to your target demographic in New York, they may be posting at the wrong time of the day. Take a look at your Facebook insights and see what are the best times of the day to post for your audience. If you are seeing an increase in traffic at 9am, consider posting at 8:45am so that you’re able to catch them in their newsfeed.
5. Promote your Facebook page on other channels

Sometimes users just need a friendly reminder that you’re there. Consider posting on your other networks, for example Twitter, to remind users to check out your Facebook page. You could even pin your Facebook posts to Pinterest to help increase traffic to your content. Add links in your email campaigns to help push traffic to your wall for users to see all of your amazing Facebook posts. Remember that new users will need to be reminded, so don’t just post a reminder once and forget about it.

via Understanding Facebook EdgeRank to Organically Increase Likes and Engagement.

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