I don’t rant TOO often these days, but I cannot express my displeasure with Facebook enough. I’ll leave it at that since, as usual, I don’t have enough time to get into it. Duty calls, yanno. It’s still a viable marketing option just by sheer volume of users, but lately I am advising people to get on Google+ as well, and set up their authorship and publicize settings. Your blog content is what’s going to matter more than anything in the future if you want to be seen – at least until a better mousetrap comes along!

Every Page on Facebook wants everything they post shown to everyone. But people only read a limited amount of News Feed per day. There simply isn’t room for everything, and the competition for feed space is intensifying. The total number of Pages Liked by the typical Facebook user grew more than 50% last year — a new stat that came from a 45-minute interview with Facebook’s head of News Feed.

via Why Is Facebook Page Reach Decreasing? More Competition And Limited Attention | TechCrunch.

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